If you're considering tiny living, begin your research process here on our FAQs page. We are excited to help you discover if tiny living is for you! 

Q: What is a tiny home? 

A: A tiny home is a compact full functioning home that is typically 400 square feet or less.

Q: What is a THOW (Tiny House on Wheels)? 

A: A tiny house on wheels (THOW) is built on a trailer and moveable by pickup truck.  

Q: Why should I go tiny? 

A: Tiny living consists of a compact, relaxed, efficient lifestyle. Without compromising day to day amenities, tiny living offers a unique approach to a simple, yet luxurious life. Whether you're a full-time tiny home resident or if your using your tiny home as a vacation getaway, this approach to living can be your gateway to a mortgage free life. 

Q: What do I need to tow my tiny home?

A: A heavy duty pickup truck such as a Ford F-250, Chevy 2500 HD, Ram 2500, or larger will be suitable for towing your tiny home. However, there are transportation services available that can move your tiny home. 

Q: Where can I park my tiny home? 

A: If you're looking to use your tiny home as a vacation getaway at a relaxing beach or in the lush mountains, we recommend finding a RV park or campground. If your dream is to make your tiny home a permanent residence, we recommend purchasing a piece of ground for your home, parking your home in a campground or RV park, or residing in a backyard. It is important to check with your local zoning and ordinance departments. 

Q: Can I insure my tiny home? 

A: First, check with your current insurance company. For further help regarding insurance, check out NOAHcertified.org. 

Q: How is a tiny home different than a mobile home or RV?

A: Unlike a mobile home or RV, our goal is to provide you with a customized dream home by focusing on detailed craftsmanship throughout the process. Our tiny homes are built with the same materials used to construct a conventional home. 

Q: How much does a tiny house cost? 

A: Our tiny homes can range from $45,000-$95,000+ depending on your customization. 

Q: How long will it take to build my tiny home? 

A: Your tiny home can be built in approximately 12 weeks. 

Q: How much does it cost to ship my tiny home?

A: If you are located within 50 miles of our location, shipping is free! However, the cost for shipping beyond our 50 mile radius depends on your location. Again, we ship nationwide! 

Q: Are your tiny homes certified? 

A: Yes! All of our homes are NOAH certified. Check out NOAH here. 

Q: Where are you located? 

A: We are located in southern New Jersey. However, we can ship our tiny homes nationwide.